In the beginning……..Road Trip , Day 1, Sofia – Shumen

July/August 2014

So, we’d a bought house on eBay! Over the next week, we paid Bulgaria Direct the money for the house and set about booking flights to Bulgaria and bought a satnav from China, again on eBay! A couple weeks later we flew out of a wet and rainy Manchester heading to Sofia.

We landed in a hot and sunny Sofia and waited for the bus to arrive to take us to the other terminal in order to pick up our hire car. The chap on the hire car desk was a very friendly and quickly took us through the formalities of hiring a car and took us to find the car. Oh my word! I know we asked for a small, economy car but I wasn’t expecting a Suziki swift! It felt like a toy car compared to the 4×4 I drive at home. We crammed our luggage into the back, hooked up the satnav and crossed our fingers it would take us where needed to go. It worked like a dream and before we knew it we had circumnavigated the ring road and where heading east for Shumen. We (hubby and me) were very impressed with the highway, smooth Tarmac and virtually empty! Apparently, it was a dream to drive (I spent the whole trip in the passenger seat. Lol) and far less stressful than driving in the UK. The views were stunning, from mountains to meadows, to field upon fields full of sunflowers.


By this time, it was lunchtime and we came across a rest area with a Burger King. What else could we do but stop and order a burger? I, gave the young man behind the counter my friendliest smile and asked for 2 burger meals in my best Bulgarian (deva whoppers, please!) never have I tasted a more delicious burger, than that first burger in Bulgaria! image

A few hours later and we had left the dream motorway behind and where driving villages, on roads that had pot holes large enough to swallow a car! Ok, that might be a tad exaggerated, but they were certainly large and deep and could easily do some major damage if you hit one. I won’t moan about pit holes in the UK ever again.

Eventually we found our way on to another major road and Shumen was in view. image

We successfully negotiated the streets of Shumen and the sat nav, God bless it, took us right to our hotel. Wow! This hotel was the cheapest of the hotels we’d booked to stay but it was lovely. image

We booked into our room, showered, changed and headed to the restaurant. Sadly, I can’t remember what we had to eat but we did enjoy it! Then we headed to bed full of excitement for the next day and when we would meet with our estate agent Martin……….


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