Hello world!

imageEd and I. 

Welcome to my blog!  This is my first attempt at blogging and I wanted to share my excitement at escaping the rat race and starting life a new, in Bulgaria with my husband, (our son Ben, for the first weeks, before he goes off to fulfill his dream of becoming a dive instructor) my mum and 5 dogs!  Yesterday, was my last day working 9-5, and this morning I started to come to and thought “what days is it?”  Next came the knowledge that it was Saturday, then came the realisation that it really didn’t matter what day it was because I was no longer locked into a world that demanded I work Monday – Friday!  With that happy thought, I snuggled back down and went back to sleep, until the dogs woke me up at 7.30am.  Hmmm. I may not be tied to getting up for work at 6am, five days a week but the dogs still want to be reunited with their pack leaders and their morning routine does not acknowledge that I may like a lie in!


I digress.  Let me start by introducing myself, to you my reader.  My name is Jacquie and together with my hubbie of 29 years Ed, my Mum, and between us 5 dogs, are going to upsticks for Bulgaria and move to a small village, a few KMs west of Dobrich.

This desire to lead a less stressful life is one I’ve had most of my life.  All of our married life, I’ve come up with some hair brain idea or another which would allows us to escape, until last year hubbie didn’t buy into any of  them! But last year, I finally convinced him that we could live off his army pension and live well, if we moved to Bulgaria.

We started looking on the web, (oh how I love Google, don’t know I survived without it!) and surprisingly found property being advertised on eBay.  For a couple of weeks, watching auctions coming to an end and seeing what prices houses were going for become a hobby, before I fell in love with a house and we took the plunge!    Was it a house with lots of rooms, with internal plumbing?  Nope!  It has only 3 rooms, and a basement and (although I didn’t notice, till I actually saw the place) the only water supply is in the garden!

This is my dream house, imagel

What can I say?  It looked pretty and it’s only 40 minutes from the Black Sea!  I love the sea, I grew up only a few miles from the Cornish coast, and by a few, I mean close enough for a gang of kids under 10 to walk to!  It was the sixties/seventies and the twisting, narrow, country roads we took were void of traffic.  Perhaps, this is why Bulgaria and it’s slower pace of life, appeals to me.

This blog will, if you want to come along,  take you on our journey to a new life……


8 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Lorraine Essery

    Lovely Jac. Still hoping to visit you if you’ll have me. Remember our conversation at work that day when I told you I love the outdoors and dogs! And I don’t care if I shower in a shack with cold water and a watering can! lol xx


  2. Jim Northfield

    Good work Jac. From one migrant to another, it takes guts to move countries and start a new life but, as you’ll soon find out – it’s worth it. I look forward to your upcoming blogs. Best of luck to you all xxx


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