In the beginning……….Road Trip Day 2. Shumen – Geshanovo – Dobrich

We were up dressed, fed and car re packed by 9am, and stood outside the hotel in the glorious sunshine wondering how we would recognise Martin?  The hotel was tucked up along a road/track(!) that ended a few metres beyond it, so my idea was to grin like a Cheshire Cat at every passing car…..after all, there couldn’t be that much passing traffic could there?  After smiling and offering a cheery raise of the hand at about 5 unsuspecting, drivers going about their daily business and getting some strange looks, Martin appeared.  How did I know this was him?  The car had “Bulgaria Direct” logos on it!

He asked if we wanted to view the house before going to the notary or did we want to sort out the paperwork first?  As we had booked a hotel for that night in Dobrich, we opted to finalise the paperwork.  With that we boarded our respective vehicles and with Martin leading the way, headed off to Bulgaria Directs office in Shumen. Here Martin, copied our passports and had us sign various documents and then we were off to the notary office.  The first was busy, no problem we headed to the next. This was busy but not as busy, Martin had a word with someone and within a very short time we were sat in front of the notary.  A rather stern and unsmiling women who barked questions at my husband, with Martin translating (hmm, I was a bit miffed, I was basically ignored and to add to my indignation it was MY money that my lovely and much missed uncle Fezzy had left me, that had paid for the house!) Did we understand, that we entering into a contract to buy this property, blah de blah.  Sign here, here and here, you will receive the deeds within 3 weeks.  It was that easy, we were now the proud owners of a house, we had yet to see!

Martin led us back to the cars and we were off.  Within the hour, we were pulling off the main road in Karapelit and bumping down a road, that seemed to disintegrate as we entered the village of Geshanovo.  Oh crap, this was our village and it looked incredibly run down, what had we done?  We noticed that one or two houses had already been done up and that another was having work done to it, ok it might not be that bad.  In fairness, yes it is run down but boy, the area was lovely and it was clean, no gypsies and no stray dogs. We bumped down this track, turned this way and that trying to take note of points of reference, so that we could find our way the next time we visited!

We came to holt on the side of a hill, Ed and I looked at each other, where was the house? Confused we jumped out of the car and Martin pointed up the bank, the house is up there. image

He led the way up the bank, through the wild flowers (weeds!) and we got the first view of our property.  The “garden” and I use the term loosely was inaccessible due to weeds that had to be 5 feet tall, I kid you not! image  My heart sank, but then I looked at the house and it was solid, the roof looked in good condition, and Oh my goodness the thickness of the stone in the basement!  Then I totally fell in love with the house, the upper level was built of cob!!  Coming from the West Country, I have always loved cob cottages but back home they were well out of my price range!  Now, I had one of my own, on a large plot with stunning vistas over fields, who cared that the garden was overgrown and the house wasn’t habitable……yet.  Not me!  It screamed out potential and my imagination was definitely seeing it as it could be 🙂


I could see that Ed, was feeling the same, this place could be a stunning home.  After about an hour, Martin led us back int to the village and pulled up outside of  the village shop, so that we could get something to drink. The lady running it, had just locked up and told Martin that it would re-open at 6.  It closed between 13 & 6 for siesta!!  But then who could blame her, the temperature was nudging up to the high 30s.  Happy days 😀

We parted company with Martin on the main road and set the satnav for our hotel in Dobrich.


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