In the beginning………..Road Trip Day 2 continued … Dobrich

Having left Martin we headed towards Dobrich and our home for the next view nights, the Hotel Izida.  Our trusty satnav took us straight to it, never again will we buy an expensive, branded satnav this one is amazing!  image

We made our our way down to the lobby in the lift, and walked across to reception.  We were greeted in English!  How did she know? Neither Ed nor I had uttered a word!  The check in was once again a smooth process and we were soon unpacking in our room.  Our balcony over looked the tennis courts and we watched future Wimbledon stars being put through their paces.  This was to become a frequent occupation, sitting on the balcony with a brew or an alcoholic beverage watching the tennis lessons on the courts below. The grown up lessons were very entertaining!  Having had a brew, we went to explore St George’s Park.   It is a truly beautiful park, that had wide boulevards, a water way winding its way through it, bars, cafes, children’s play area, outdoor gym equipment, roses gardens.  Rose gardeand much more!  Their were plenty of people walking their dogs, some on the leads and others running free but guess what?  No poop anywhere!  It was spotless and very well maintained 🙂   It also had a lot of different statues and some intricately carved trees.  image  Not sure who carved them or what they represent but they were fascinating and very well done.

After an hour strolling through the park we headed back to the hotel, got changed and headed back through the park towards the centre and something to eat.  I was ravenous by this time, not having eaten since breakfast that morning and as any of my friends will tell, I need food regularly or I can become very grouchy!  We left the park through an underpass and found ourselves walking up a wide pedestrian Street, with bars and cafes lining in it on either side.  This was a gorgeous summer evening and all of Dobrich or so it seemed was out, enjoying the last rays of sunlight, sitting in groups outside various restaurants, chatting quietly and enjoying a good meal.  This I have noticed about the Bulgarian people, they are not loud and are softly spoken, they also dress to impress!  I on the other hand am more of a jeans and teeshirt girl.

We randomly choose a restaurant to eat at and grabbed a table, which was still dabbled in sunlight.  A waitress came over to serve us, “Dobra den” says us, “Angliiski?” she asks, “da” we chorus, “one minute please” she haltingly replies and disappears into the restaurant.  A few minutes later she is back with English menus and a colleague, who explains that her friend doesn’t speak English and that she will be serving us.  We ordered our drinks and set about perusing the menu.  As stated earlier I was starving and  was ready to eat a scabby horse, so healthy options and anything new was not an option! I wanted something substantial and recognisable, so opted with Ed for a burger and frys!  It was very good and went down a treat!  A few more drinks and we decided to wend our way back to the hotel.  Back under the underpass and into the park, which was all lit up and still full of people and not in the least bit intimadating.  Tired and happy we headed to bed.


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