In the beginning………Road Trip Day 3…… to make an impression on your neighbours

The next day, dawned bright and sunny and as we had arranged to meet up with my uncle Archie for lunch, we headed for breakfast early.  Oh boy were we disappointed!  We are tea drinkers, sure there was a good variety of herbal teas (yuk) but no black tea 😦  humph!  We then looked to see what was on offer to eat, stuffed vine leaves, a selection of cold meats and cheese, hot dog sausages and cold boiled eggs.  I grabbed a boiled egg and some cold meats and a couple slices of cheese and made my way to a table, when Ed joined me, I went in search of a member of staff to see if we could have a cup of tea.  The first lady didn’t speak English and disappeared, only to reappear with a young man who did!  I asked if we could have a cup of tea and he led me to the selection of herbal teas, I asked if he had black tea as there was none out.  He had a good look through them and then he too disappeared!  Perplexed, I made my way back to Ed and said I had failed in my mission.  Oh well, no caffeine for us that morning. image Ha! How wrong was I!  The young man appeared about 5 minutes later with two mugs of tea, oh happy day, oh what joy, sweet nectar of the Gods, I was over joyed with delight!!  He also put out an ample supply of tea bags next to the herbal ones and several cups later we left feeling refreshed and ready to start the day 🙂

We went back to the room, grabbed the satnav, passports, a pair of legging and trainers for me and headed to the car and went in search of our house.

What can I say?  We found it, without too much bickering!  You know the kinda of stuff, “which way?”  ” Turn here.”  “Are you sure!”  “Yes I’m sure I remember that bin!” “Which way now?”  “Up there past that old well, with pail on it.”  “Are you sure, I don’t remember going this way?”  “Yes, I’m bloody sure!”  Suffice to say we got there.  I proceed to wriggle into my leggings, but as I’m quite tall, and the car is quite small it was a struggle.  So I climbed out of the car, hitched my skirt up and pull up said leggings……..when I look up and across the neighbours field, he is sat on his steps watching me!  Oops!  Good job I had on decent underwear!!  Giggling, I remove my skirt and change my sandals for trainers, give a cheery wave and head up through the meadow fields (ok, weeds, I’m exercising a little poetic license!) to our house.

We went in the basement to inspect the beams for wood worm, and yes the wood is full of little holes but we don’t know if it’s recent or old.  If they can be saved we will, if not no problem as we will be gutting the place.  We move through to the other side of the basement, here there  is an old bread oven.  As I’m looking at it, Ed turns away, and doesn’t see image a bat fly out, all he sees is something fly passed his head.  “arg, what was that?” He asks  (or words similar to that!) flapping his hand around.  Laughing, I tell him it was only a bat.  We made our way upstairs and walk into each of the rooms, inspecting them carefully to see what condition they are in.  On the way into one of them, we duck past a piece of board which has come lose from the ceiling…….on the way out I forget to duck and catch the edge of it.  I scream, like the girly I am, as I’m showered in all kinds of debris, dust, insects, and as we have at least one bat I’m guessing dried bat pooh!  “Get it off me, get it off me”  I scream hysterically at Ed.  Now it’s his turn to laugh, but he obliges, whilst telling me to stand still and stop jumping around.  Easy for him to say, in my imagination, I have just been showered by a million tranantula sized spiders and a multitude of fleas!

We make our way back to the car and I change back into my skirt and sandals without exposing myself to the locals and head off to spend the rest of the day with my uncle in Popina.

Popina, is quite a large village on the edge of the Danube, and we had a lovely day with my uncle and his partner, exploring it.  When we were leaving, one of my uncle’s neighbours comes staggering across the road (he’d been drinking raikia, which is the Bulgarian equivalent of moon shine but made from fruit…..its lethal!).  My uncle introduces us, and he grabs my hand and chatters away at us, all I can understand is “Madonna”.  Hmmm, It must be the short, white blonde haircut.  I extricate myself from his grasp and escape to the car!

By now it was getting dark and neither of us was looking forward to the drive back to Dobrich in the dark and when I say dark, I mean a thick black velvet darkness that folds itself down round you because there are no lights on the country roads and no light pollution to lesson the darkness.  Needless to say we had the usual mad drivers overtaking on blind bends, saw a Range Rover on its roof in the hedge, encountered packs of wild dogs crossing the roads in the dark, their eyes glinting in the headlight.  We were very relieved when we got back to Dobrich and immediately headed out for a few drinks!image


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