In the beginning………..Road Trip Day 4 Exploring Dobrich

We had a slow lazy start today as we didn’t have to be anywhere and decided to explore Dobrich – but not the usual tourist spots for us, oh no!  We went in search of  DIY stores, what joy!  Now my hubby and my mum can spend hours in these places to me though, this is pretty much on par with a visit to the dentist!  However, I did recognise the importance of knowing what was available to us considering all that needed to be done with our new house.  We may be moving to a house in the country and seeking a quieter more laid back lifestyle BUT that didn’t mean we were going to have a house without the wow factor!  Even when we lived in married quarters, we made them our own and would decorate them in our style. No bland magnolia walls for us, colour and the use of wall papers would make our married quarter stand out in a way that was the envy of less brave souls!  OK, it made moving out harder as we had to turn it all back to the standard run of the mill magnolia that was de rigueur for mod property but it was worth it, to have a home that reflected our personality.  The exception to this was our quarter in Canada, which was painted white throughout and it suited it, so we left it as it was.

We found Mr Bricolage on the outskirts of Dobrich and went into see what was available.  The kitchens on offer were OK, and looked fairly modern but they didn’t fire either of our rockets.  Cost wise they were pretty much on par with the ones available in the UK.  Onto the Bathroom section; fantastic all singing all dancing showers at very reasonable prices but the baths, nah, didn’t impress and the toilets were quite costly!   We wondered round the rest of the store and I fell in love with an outdoor egg shaped bed thing and eyed up the swimming pools – a pool is definitely on my wish list, whether it is dug into the ground or an above ground ridged pool I have yet to decide but one thing is certain, I want one!😍  We also looked at insulation, block bricks, fencing……….. yawnsville and solar panels which did interest me, however my uncle Archie has made his own and has promised to show us how.

Next door was a Technomarkt, so it seemed only right we should go in and have a look around as we were there.  Rude not to really!  In we went and looked at all the shiny new white goods 😀

Later that day, over a meal and more drinks we decided we would buy the kitchens and bathrooms in the UK as we could buy better quality and more stylish ones at home (only because Ed has a knack for finding bargains on auction sites that sell liquidated stock!).  Showers on the other hand we would buy in BG.  Our washing machine at home is on its last legs, and we hope it will last till we move over as these were slightly cheaper in BG for the same models eg LG, Bosh, Hoover etc.  All in all a successful fact finding day.


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