In the beginning……….Road Trip Day 5, Varna and Obzor.

Day 5, as in previous days, dawned bright and sunny and the temperature was nudging 25 by 9 in the morning. 😎  It’s so nice to wake up and know it’s going to be another hot, summers day. This is one of the reasons we haven chosen Bulgaria to be our new home, the number of sunny days out number the grey days!

Today we decided to drive over to Varna and down the coast towards Sunny Beach.  The road to Varna was wide and straight and took us through beautiful countryside.    It was fairly flat and the blue sky seemed to go on for miles in all directions.  I love wide open spaces and hate feeling hemmed in by the buildings and crowds found in cities and so, to me, this was heaven.

When we turned off towards Varna, the road narrowed and we found ourselves going down a steep, bendy road with a tram line running down it, a little daunting to say the least.  Varna is Bulgaria’s 3rd  largest city and has everything you expect in a modern city, art galleries, historic sites, museums, 2 large malls full of designer clothing shops, large car dealer ships, street cafes and much more.  Did we head for a cultural experience? Nope!  We headed to the Grand Mall and spent a couple hours perusing the many shops within!  Satisfied that my need for fashionable clothing would be met, we left for the coast. 🙂

We crossed a bridge on a road that gave us a good view of the docks, what can I say?  They looked a bit run down to me  and in need of a face lift, definitely a reminder of the countries communist past, just like the many blocks of flats you find in the bigger towns.  But then the docks in my hometown and the surrounding areas don’t look that great either!  I guess any industrial areas aren’t what you would call aesthetically pleasing, the exception being the bottle kilns to be found in and around Stoke on Trent.  These I think are stunning in their own right and I hope that someone takes the time to save some of them. image

We drove through some lovely villages and caught tantalising glimpses of the Black Sea, before we decided to stop in Obzor.  We found somewhere to park and bought a parking ticket off the parking attendant and headed for the beach.  It was busy but  not overly crowded and there was row upon row of sun beds, surprisingly, not all of them had been taken!imageWe had a quick paddle and stopped at a beach bar for a refreshing drink of iced cold Coke.  After that we headed back up the main strip, looking in all the shops and roadside stalls at rip off tee shirts, hoodies, watches, handbags and usual souvenir tat.  Ed haggled with a couple of vendors and got some really nice “designer tee shirts” for him and Ben and an “authentic” Louis Vuitton bag for me 😉 hehe.

We stopped at a bar and ordered a drink each, and watched a group of Germans having their feet nibbled by fish, this was accompanied by a few squeals (of delight??) and much laughter!image

By now it was late in the afternoon so we bought a 2ltr bottle  of lager and a bottle of rum and one of Coke, dropped these off at the car and went and ordered a kebab. The kebabs, even though we asked for small ones, were huge, extremely tasty and not at all greasy and only a £1.00 each!  We munched them happily on a park bench, whilst doing a bit more people watching before heading back to the car for the journey back to Dobrich.  Can’t say much about the return journey as I snoozed most of they way!

We had a quiet night in the room, watching a movie and packing up ready for the journey back to Sofia the following day.


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