In the beginning………..Road Trip Day 6 Dobrich to Sofia

Day 6 and the penultimate day of our flying visit, dawned bright and sunny….just for a change!   Were we sad to be leaving Dobrich?  You bet we were!  However we knew that we would be back!  Dobrich is a lovely city, and we had fallen for its charms 🙂

After another breakfast of boiled eggs and cold meats, washed down by lashings of tea, we checked out of our room, packed up the car and set the trusty sat nav for our hotel in Sofia.

The scenery that day was just as stunning as on our first day, (slightly different route).  The weather in the mountains was cloudier than when on the flat, open plains but it was still warm.  Here’s something you don’t see in the UK anymore, loading image hay onto a horse and cart.

About 2 hours into the journey, I was busting for a pee.  We weren’t on the shiny new motorway so no new shiny service stations.  We spotted a sign for a restaurant and WC and pulled in.  The restaurant was beside the car park but the sign for the WC was ominously pointing up a track….warily I walked up the track, just as I began to think I’d gone wrong I spied a hut, surely that couldn’t be the loo, could it?  It was!  Oh lord, it stunk to high heaven!  Desperate times call for desperate measures, I took a deep breath and pushed the door to the cubical open.  No white porcelain loo here, noooo, two planks over a cess pit!  imageGagging, I pull my shorts down, and squat, trying really hard not to let my shorts touch the planks and even harder not to breath!  Sod’s law, my bladder decided it wanted to be fully emptied, no quick pee to release the pressure would satisfy it, noooo, on and on it went for what seemed an eternity!  Despite the smell or possibly because of it, I washed my hands carefully, before escaping into the sunshine and stood gulping in lungfuls of fresh air, before making my way back to Ed.  He found my plight most amusing!  Point to self, do not drink vast amounts of tea, before undertaking a long car journey in BG ever again.

We arrived in Sofia at rush hour, which at least allowed us time to have a good look at the stunning architecture as we made our way through the streets to the hotel. image Amongst the shops in the centre, I spotted Marks and Spencers!  We found our hotel in the suburbs, very posh! We booked in, found our room, showered changed and went for a lovely 3 course meal in the hotel restaurant.  This was the end of our stay in Bulgaria, we didn’t want it to end, didn’t want to return to the rat race but consoled ourselves with the knowledge that we had an escape plan 😉 and one day in the not too distant future, we would be back and back for good!


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