In the beginning……….Road Trip Day 7 Back to life, back to reality.

Our last morning in Bulgaria started early and after a decent breakfast we set off for the airport.  Once again, we found ourselves driving through Sofia during rush hour.  We made our way to the car rental and the same guy was on duty.  He couldn’t believe we had travelled 1500kms in such a small car!  It had served us well, and travelled well outside its comfort zone and taken us up mountains and down dales in our journey across Bulgaria without once complaining!

I salute you little city car.image

After that we made our way to the terminal building and checked in our luggage and went in search of something to drink.  We ordered coffees, ugh, ugh, ugh!  It was the really thick, Turkish style coffee, I couldn’t drink it!  I bought a Coke and we wondered outside to enjoy the sunshine for a while before going through customs. It was only 10am but boy was it hot, today was going to be a scorcher but not for us.

Once we cleared customs we found a cafe selling lattes, so I ordered 2. Two admittedly taller cups of black coffee were presented to me 😠  I asked where the milk was? To be told you didn’t ask for milk, no I didn’t, I asked for lattes and lattes are made with milk! Grrrrr. Milk was reluctantly poured into the cups, not exactly a latte but definitely more palatable than the first coffees.

Before we knew it, we were boarding the plane and up, up and away,  leaving the sunshine and beautiful Bulgaria behind us for now. Here are some pics that really don’t do the scenery we had scene the justice it deserves. image image image Farewell Bulgaria, until next time I’ll  image


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