September 2014 – February 2015 – dreaming, planning and spending!

19/09/15.  Today, I released my blog to FB friends and I feel humbled by all your kind comments and words of encouragement.  Thank you guys 🙂 X

Anyway, back to the reason why I’m writing this blog, to take you on our journey to a new life in Bulgaria.  I can’t promise that the months in the UK will as interesting, but I’ll try my best!!

SeptemberDecember 2014.

After we returned to the UK, Ed and I were very excited and that enthusiasm rubbed off on my mum who, happily, said she would love to join us.  We sat down and started to draw up plans for how we would like the house to look after renovations.  Originally we thought we would rebuild the attached outbuilding, and turn it in to a self contained granny annex for mum and add a single storey to the existing house, which would give us 4 bedrooms downstairs and open plan livingroom/kitchen upstairs, opening out on to a huge balcony.

With this in mind, Ed started looking for kitchens and bathrooms.  He found a kitchen on eBay that was an aubergine colour and put in a very cheeky low offer.  We quickly received a message from the seller asking us to contact him which we did.  The seller explained that he was having to vacate his current premises in 2 days time and was selling off his show kitchens. Ed, told him that we were after two kitchens and agreed to go down to Wolverhampton the next day and take a look.

Here is the kitchen he chose for us image Complete with black granite work tops.image imageFor mum he chose a nice cherry wood (real wood, not veneer) kitchen and paid the grand total for both kitchens of (drum role please) £2100!! Ed loves a bargain and boy can he find them! imageMums kitchen.

The weeks flew by and before we knew it Ben was home from the Isle of Man, for the winter and the house had a regular stream of visitors calling on him.

More bargains were acquired, including a designer sink and matching loo for the downstairs cloakroom, and a vanity unit for our ensuite from a posh store in London.  All for the grand total of £250, instead of over 2 grand!!

imageVanity unit for ensuite.  imageDesigner loo

imageDesigner sink, anyone know a plumber with incredibly long skinny arms??  The only way to connect the waste is go up through the opening in the bottom!?!

Christmas came and went and 2015 was upon us. 🎉🎈🎊

JanuaryFebruary 2015

Although we had planned to start preparing the house for market during this period it wasn’t to be, I as put my back out at the end of the second week of January and couldn’t walk for almost 4 weeks.   Faced with the prospect of having to endure weeks of daytime TV what else could I do but watch series one – five of Downton Abbey on catch up TV!!   I was sent for X-Ray’s and this was me when the executioner of pain aka radiographer got his hands on me !imageI must thank him, as his twisting me this way and that to get the X-Ray sorted my back out!

Ed was busy buying more stuff for the house, lights, baths, cookers and all manor of objects were acquired, all at discounted prices! Ben was either at work or out on the town.  I quit my job, looked for a builder and booked flights for the 3 of us to go back to Bulgaria for my birthday 😏✈️🇧🇬


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