Driving in Bulgaria

I’ve mentioned that driving on Bulgarian motorways is a pleasure compared to the motorways in the UK but when you turn off the motorway it’s a different matter.

imageThe Bulgarians drive fast no matter if it’s the brow of a hill or a blind bend, they seem to be determined to be in front of you.  Don’t be surprised to approach a bend and find a car flying towards you on your side of the road!   Their traffic lights even have count downs on both red and green, which we had never seen before.  Sitting at a red traffic light waiting for it to count down to zero reminds me of the start of whacky races and seeing a green one getting close to zero just encourages you to go faster!! image

Roundabouts are also unlike any we have encountered before, on some but apparently not all, the vehicles on the roundabout have to give way to those entering the roundabout!?!  We first became aware of this when on a roundabout in Dobrich we very nearly had a car drive into the side of us.  A lot of fist shaking, horn blasting and I’m sure abuse was directed at us!  Oops, on the next roundabout we cautiously  drove on to it and prepared to stop and let the cars on the right pull on only to have horns blasted at us from the cars behind us!  image

When on an unknown stretch of road and you see the car in front zigzagging from side to side, their not drunk (there is zero tolerance for drink driving) they are avoiding the pot holes and you’re well adviced to follow their lead!

I asked our son Ben who is 22, and whose friends have all been driving since they were 17 and is therefore used to being in cars driven by young men and all that implies, what he thought of Bulgarian drivers, “their all f***** nutters!” was his immediate response.  Yep, that about sums them up……you have been warned! 😉


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