March 2015 – Back to Dobrich


The next day we woke to a bright, cool March day.  Archie cooked a really tasty fried breakfast and we tucked in with great gusto!  Over breakfast I was discussing finding a builder with Archie and explaining that I had made contact with a builder on Facebook but I’d not been able to arrange to meet him.  Archie said he knew a really good builder by the name of Tim.  My ears pricked up, ” Tim?”  Laughing, I told him that was the builder I’d messaged on FB!  Small world or what and possibly fate?  Archie, bless him, was straight onto his phone and called Tim.  Conversation went something like this:  “Hi Tim”.  “Aye I’m good, how’s you?”. “The reason I’m calling is a little birdie tells me you’ve been emailing someone called Jacquie”. Guess Tim confirmed, ” uh hu, aye, Jacquie’s my niece!”  “Aye, that’s right, small world indeed mate. Are you free to meet up with us on Thursday?”  “You could, ah that’s grand!”  “Midday? Aye grand, see you Thursday”.  It was done, we were going to meet with a British builder!!  builderThank you

Archie x

We spent the rest of the morning chatting with Archie and Lorelle and reluctantly  left them, just after lunch, for the journey to Dobrich.  Before we left Lorelle presented each of us with a martenista’s.  Which, if you’ve read my previous blog you’ll know, are red and white woven bracelets traditionally given to friends and loved ones on the 1st of March, if not, why not?!

On the way to Dobrich, we called into Geshanovo to show Ben our future home.  In the village we missed the turning that would take us to our house and ended up coming at from a different route, which gave us a chance to see it across the fields.

  DSC_0853It was still standing……..phew!

We only had a quick look round before heading to Dobrich and our home for the next few nights, the Hotel Dobrudja.

Finding the hotel proved taxing!  The sat nav took us down some incredibly narrow streets (and when I say incredibly narrow, I mean one car wide, with cars parked on both sides and two way traffic!) and took us to a parking lot about the size of a postage stamp (ok that’s a slight exaggeration, but it was tiny!) that was guarded by metal bollards?!?   Ed turned the car round, which was difficult given how narrow the approach road was and took a turning on the right, thinking this would bring us to the either the back of the hotel or the far side of it.  It led us into a rough parking area for the numerous blocks of flats surrounding it. Realising that this was not the right location we turned round and back tracked to the main road.  We spotted the hotel and made for it, only to discover the road the we had taken was a dead end.  I climbed out of the car and went in search on foot.  I entered the pedestrian area and turned right, very soon I came to the edge of the a large square, no sign of the hotel?  I stood and looked all around me, couldn’t see it.  I smiled at an unsuspecting pedestrian, she smiled back and as she was under 30, I asked if she spoke English, a little was the reply.  I asked if she knew where the hotel was, she looked around and pointed to the building on the other side of the boulevard that we were on.  There it is! I looked to where she was pointing.   All I’d noticed on entering the pedestrian area was the casino on the left of the building she was indicating and wrongly assumed that the entrance to the hotel was the casino’s entrance.  Hmmmmm note to self………….learn the alphabet!  I thanked her profusely and wandered over to the hotel to find out where the parking area was. Turns out the sat nav was right!  The bollarded area was the hotels minuscule car park!!!

The man on reception said he would go and unlock the bollards and I made my way back to the car, to be met by Ben who had been sent in search of me! Lol.  Needless to say, we parked up and booked in to the hotel without any further mishaps. 😀


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