March 2015 Damp Day in Dobrich

imageThe next day we woke to a cold, wet Dobrich.  Undeterred we headed out to explore the city centre and the shopping mall.  Whilst I saw some nice hand knitted jumpers for a fraction of what they would cost in the UK, I was good and didn’t buy them :D.  Only, if I’m honest, because I was worried about getting them in my suitcase! Lol.  Ben bought a Dr Dre beat bar from a stall, obviously authentic, not….hehe.  It does sound good though and we can now listen to music together instead of shoving earphones in and ignoring each other!!

By the time we had finished looking round the mall, the rain (drizzle) had stopped and the sun was trying to come out to play.  So, we went to explore the rest of the city centre before heading off to a restaurant.   The bill for 3 mains, 2 Jack Daniels and Coke, 2 large beers and 2 cokes came to a whopping £13!!  Yep £13!  Can you even get a round of 6 drinks in the UK for £13?


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