March 2015. Meeting the Builder


Thursday was our penultimate day and the day we would meet with the Tim the builder.  Whoop, whoop!

We were up early, breakfasted, packed and back on the road to Geshanovo 👏. Thankfully it was a beautiful, warm sunny day, which would make standing in the garden much more pleasant!  I was excited to explore the garden as it wasn’t yet full of weeds!!  We stopped in Karapelit, which is the next village to ours, and bought some drinks amongst lots of curious stares and exchanges of “Dobra dan”, before turning off the main road and to the one that led to our village.

We arrived well head of the time we had arranged to meet Archie, so we went to explore the village.  We amused a couple old gents who were sat outside the village shop/cafe/bar playing cards.  How?  Well, we drove passed them,  again and again, it was the last time we passed that really amused them but I’ll get to that in a minute!

We spotted a house with a new roof (usually a good indication that the occupiers are not Bulgarian!) and headed for it.  Sure enough, when we reached it was very westernised, with a nice lawned area, edged with flower borders and not one but two very nice summer houses!  We sat, for a few minutes hoping to spot the owners but no such luck, so on we drove.  Drove, suggests a nice smooth ride, but it was far from that!  We bumped this way and that down the tracks that act as roads in the village, a 4×4 is definitely needed but we weren’t in one, we were in a Passat (I think!) and it was a little uncomfortable to say the least!  Then the track ran out and we were heading up a slope full of boulders, dodging this way and that before levelling out alongside the village shop and the old gents playing cards.  This was when they fell about laughing!

By then it was time to meet up with Archie and Lorelle and the builder so we headed back to the entrance of the village.  Where I took the opportunity to take some photos.

When we had all assembled at the entrance we made our way back through the village ( and back passed the old men playing cards!) to our house.  The track upto it was muddy and this raised a couple of doubts about access in the winter.  We made our way up to the house and spent the next hour discussing plans with the builder.  Everyone agreed it was a solid little house and had potential to be a great property.  😀


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