March – October 2015

March continued……..After we left Geshanovo and Tim the builder we spent a very enjoyable night with My uncle and his partner.  The next day we left Bulgaria and returned to the UK.

A few days later I started working for Allied Healthcare as a recruitment administrator.  What a fantastic bunch of people to work with, everyday was a busy and the days flew by but there was always time for a little fun and lots of laughter 😀

April – June

Ben left for a job in the South of France and Ed and I ramped up our efforts to get the house ready for market.  Have you ever noticed that as soon as you refresh one area, it shows up another??  It seemed like we would never finish all the woodwork but eventually we did.  We deliberated over whether or not to neutralise the lounge and in the end we decided not too. Risky, I admit,  but we were so fed up off decorating and the summer was disappearing fast and we were worried we wouldn’t sell this side of Christmas!  We also hired a storage unit at Talke Pitts and shipped a load of stuff out of the house and in to it.  We chose to go with Tepilo (Sarah Beeneys online estate agency) as for a very reasonable fixed fee they arrange everything including solicitors, much cheaper option than your run of the mill estate agency and yes, I would recommend them.  In fact, I guess, I just have! Lol😜.


Our house went on the market at the beginning of July and even if I do say so myself  (modest, I am, !! Haha) it looked pretty darn good!  Living in a “show home” was tiring to say the least!  Within a couple of hours of the house being advertised on Rightmove and Zooplo (curtesy of tepilo) we had received 2 requests for a viewing!  Eek!  One was from an Indian gentleman, who in total came to see it 3 times, who was very entertaining.  He was highly enthusiastic and wanted to know if the price included the furniture (er no! But everything’s negotiable! Was our response) , he was positively drooling over our dining room table!  The next viewing was from a couple who couldn’t decide if they wanted a detached house or a semi?!?  Surely, that is something you do know before you start looking for  a house?  Grrrrrr.

Three weeks after it went on sale we had a 4th couple come to view and they fell for it hook line and sinker!  Yippee, we were under offer!

August – October

We both put in our notice, Ed had to give 3 months so we agreed with our buyers to go for an exchange date of Monday 5th October.  I found us somewhere to rent in Bulgaria and Ed found a removals company.  Ben returned home at the end of August and  I stopped work in September.  One of the leaving presents from my friends at Allied Healthcare was a wonderful, personalised wall hanging, showing the dates of where Ed and I have lived over the years.  My sneaky friends/son/husband were in cahoots behind my back!  But i don’t mind as I love it  😍



After I finished work, I started packing and cleaning in earnest and tackled the loft which had 11 years of accumulated “stuff” in it.  Ed, would come in from work and also pack boxes and transport them upto our storage units.  Yep, units, we had to take a second one!

Moving day arrived and our buyers turned up and started moving all their belongings in before we were actually ready for them and well before the sale completed!  I said my goodbyes to our neighbours and escaped to my friends house, where we were spending the night.

The next day, we loaded up the car and headed south for Plymouth and my mums house.

Originally, we had planned to only stay for 10 days to get her cottage ready for market before leaving to oversea our removals and a road trip to Bulgaria.  When we arrived, it quickly became clear that we had much more to do and that Mum wouldn’t be able to cope with selling her house on her own, so the decision was taken to delay our departure until November and that Ben and Ed would drive over and Mum and I would fly out.  Sorry to all my friends in Plymouth that I had hoped to see before leaving I just didn’t have the time 😦

We contacted the removals company and pushed back our collection date until the end of October and arranged for them to collect Mums removals as well.  We also contacted our estate agent in Bulgaria and put back our rental date until the 4th of November and I found a pet courier to take all five dogs (our two and Mums three).  Sadly, in the end it as only 4 dogs that came over as my Mums elderly Peke, Quincy became very ill and to be put down a week before we were due to leave. Then it was back to scrubbing, painting and packing!  I have decided I hate packing!!  I never want to move again!

We found time to contact another building company in Bulgaria, as we had very little contact with Tim since leaving in March 😦  and found an estate agent to market Mums house.

Ben and Ed headed up to Stoke at the end of October leaving Mum and I to finish her packing….. Busy, busy busy.


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