November 7th….. First day in Bulgaria.

Our first morning in Bulgaria and I was up at 6, which is 4am UK time!!!  I know I we had a lot to do and that I was excited at the prospect of seeing the dogs but 4am, really??  Once I’d made a brew I checked my phone for messages and sure enough I had received a text from the pet chauffeurs saying dogs were all fine and they hoped to be with us in the latter part of the day 😁  Ed was up shortly afterwards and after several cups of tea we headed in to Dobrich.

First port of call was Mr Bricolage to look for a wood burning stove, we weren’t that impressed with the ones they had to offer as they looked flimsy and overpriced.  We left and went next door to Techno-polis to look at their oil fired electric heaters.  A salesperson (that had served Ed a few days earlier when he went into buy a Hoover and told him his choice was rubbish and would break within a day or two and had looked confused when Ed said that’s ok, I only need to last one day!!) came over to help us.  We pointed out one or two heaters and he shook his head and said if we could wait till next weekend they would have a supply of Tessie heaters and they were better.  Can you imagine a salesperson in the UK being that honest?

Next stop was Kaufland for a spot of food shopping.  This involved a lot of pointing and holding up of fingers (no! Not a two fingered salute!) when at the fresh meat counter.  Then home before heading of to Geshanovo to meet up with another builder and an architect.

We discussed our plans and were told no problem, but had we considered knocking it down and moving it to the back of the plot so that it was south facing?  More discussions, and then we were told “ok I have a better idea of what you want, should come in around €450 per square meter.”  Oh really?!?  From blogs and from my uncle (retired builder) we knew this was to turnkey and we didn’t want that as we have all the kitchens, bathroom furniture, tiles and lights, which they knew!  😡 Ed pointed this out and there was a bit of backtracking, hmmm, yep exit right!   Mum, wasn’t to keen on the location 😩 and Ed and I, having spent sometime with her and noticed how wobbly she was when walking , were also concerned about the access as the hill up to the house was just a track.  It could also proove difficult getting in and out when it snowed.  Further, thought was required.

Back at home, we had a text from the Pet Chauffiers to say the fog was still hampering their progress  and hoped to be with us by midnight……sound familiar?

It was a cold night and so we lit a fire in the kitchen, using cardboard for fuel!  imageIt worked and we all sat around it chatting, whilst Ben cooked a delicious stir fry with egg fried rice 🙂  At about 11 that night we had a call from Pet Chauffiers  to say they had crossed the Danube at Silistra and the Bulgarian customs were refusing them access as they didn’t have a V5  for the new vehicle they were travelling with, only the bill of sale?  Ed suggested they go further down and cross over at Constanta as this was only an hour from us.

A little while later we went to bed, just ever so slightly worried about the dogs……..



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