November 8th………Dogs and removals arrive

Ed and I we’re both up early again and the first thing I did was check my phone, no news on the dogs.  I tried calling Pet Chauffiers but no reply was the stern answer. 😧 Where were they? I was seriously getting worried and panic was definitely setting in!

At around 10 am, we receive a call from Keith.  They had crossed the border at Constanta and were again being refused entry. Ed spoke to them and was asking where they were and that if necessary he would come and collect the dogs.  Whilst he was on the phone, the Bulgarian customs took pity on the dogs and agreed to allow Keith and his companion in for a couple of hours to deliver the dogs, on the condition that they leave the vehicle without a V5 at the border.  Phew!

Just over an hour later, we receive another call from Keith to say they were in the middle of the village, Ed jumped in the car and went to meet them.  A couple minutes later and the dogs were with us 😀🎉. They were all very happy and appeared very fond of both drivers, so despite all the hiccups along the way, it was obvious that they had been well looked after.  Keith was worried as he was due to collect a family and their dogs from Kos and his companion (can’t for the life of me remember his name!) was due to pick up some street dogs from Turkey for rehoming in the UK and didn’t know how to proceed if the Bulgarians continued to refuse them entry.  I don’t know how they got on as I never contacted them after they left us.  Would I recommend them?  Despite everything that went wrong, yes I would as the dogs had been well looked after and did arrive healthy and happy.  Harvey, who had always hated being in the car, now jumps in the back at every opportunity!

In between calls about the dogs, we had spoken to our landlord who arranged for a Russian builder to come and look at the bathroom, which was falling away from the main house.

Natural way to vent a bathroom!
Eexternal view

He arrived within minutes and between calls to the landlord who speaks Russian and google translate we understood that he would be back to temporarily fix the problem with the bathroom and we also arranged for him to come back and fit a fire for us on Wednesday (providing we had one by then!).  Whilst all this was going on we also had a visit from Jorgie, the elderly gentleman who had met Ed and Ben with the keys to the house,  this time he was dressed in his Sunday best but as we were busy with the builder, he didn’t hang around.  The builder came back with a tube of expandable foam and promptly filled the gap with it and left and, with the use of google translate again, told us he would be back later.  True to his word, he was back a couple hours later, waving at us from the gate as the dogs were loose in the garden, boy did he jump when Azzie (the St B) let out one of her deep, menacing barks! Lol.  We rounded up the dogs and let him in.  Several hours later, he announced he was finished.  We had a draught free, but not necessarily safe bathroom!

Bathroom all sealed up!

At around 4 we had a call to say the removals would be arriving in the centre of the village and could we be there to meet it?  Stupid question of course we would!  We were in the centre at 4.30 and sat and waited and waited, at 5 we heard a wagon coming down the road and sure enough it was the removals 🙂 👏

Once back at the house the driver, same chap that had driven it in the UK, asked for payment.  Let battle commence!  Ed said we did but would be giving him €500 less to cover what he had paid for the crane operator to come out on and free him.  He called his boss and an hour of negotiations ensued. In the end an agreement was reached, whereby we would pay €350 less.  During the hour long stand off, Jorgie turned up to see if he could help.  Bless him, he is 72 years old and as strong as ox!  He asked with the help of the driver if he found some guys to help would we willing to pay them 20leva each (about £7.00), laughingly he said if it had been earlier he could have got a lot of help but by now many would be well into drinking the raikia!

He soon returned, with 2 unsuspecting souls!  Ed was in the back trailer unloading, Ben, Jorgie, the 2 guys and occasionally the driver, were lugging boxes into the house and I was trying to direct them where to go!  The house was soon bursting with boxes and we were still only on the first trailer!  Have you ever tried to fit the contents of 2 houses one of about 240 square meters and the other of around 100 square meters, plus additional kitchens and bathrooms into a 120 square meter house that is partially furnished?? Not easy, let me tell you! Lol.

After we had emptied the first trailer, Jorgie disappeared to his house and returned with 2 bottles of home made wine, a bottle of raikia and a jar of rollmops (raw white pickled fish) I was obliged to try it all and make out that it was good, except the raikia which was very strong and I couldn’t even pretend to like it.  Ben took a rollmop and disappeared into the kitchen and quietly disposed of it in the bin!

Then it was on to the second and much larger container that not only held boxes but heavy items of furniture.  It was midnight before we had finished.  Feeling guilty, at having taken up all their Sunday evening and the amount of work they had done, I gave them all 40leva each.  Jorgie stayed a little longer drinking wine with the driver and I before indicating he was going home to his bed.  I wished him a “leka nosht” (don’t know how to spell it but it means good night!) and was met with a surprised smile and also wished a leka nosht 👍😀. With that the driver climbed into his cab for the night and Ben, Ed and I also headed for our beds. 😴😴😴


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