November 18 2015 – We have internet!

After Ben left, the need for access to the web became paramount.  Not so I could communicate with you my reader but my only child, who was now located thousands of miles away 😢.  Ed and I tried to obtain it but were told we needed to be residents.  Hmmm, panic!  I couldn’t be popping into General Toshevo at all hours of the day to try and find out how he was doing, I needed instant access to him!   My uncle Archie came to our rescue and suggested he could take it out for us, along with mobile phone connection, landline and television, if we were willing to pay the bill.  Of course we would!!

We agreed to meet in Dobrich on Wednesday 18th of November.   It was another wonderful, warm sunny day and after completing all the necessary paperwork with Viacom, we headed for a spot of lunch at a nearby restaurant.  Can you imagine sitting outside enjoying a pizza and a latte in the middle of November in the UK?  Neither could we but there we were sitting in 19c sunshine in the middle of November! Sheer bliss 😍 image

We left Archie and Lorelle, after thanking them profusely for all their help and headed home to await the satellite guys who were coming out to our house at 3 that afternoon to fit the dish 😀.   As soon as we got home, we charged the dongle and at last we had access to the outside world 🎉👍👏🏻  The first person we contacted was, of course, Ben.  He had arrived safely on Koh Toa and was sharing an apartment with a fellow student from China who he had met on the ferry over from Koh Samui.

True to their word, at the 3pm we had a call on our newly acquired telephone to say they were in the middle of the village. Ed went to meet them.  Within half an hour we had satellite television!  We have CNN (has to be the worst news channel in the world but hey beggars can’t be choosy!), discovery, history and several movie channels that broadcast in the original language with Bulgarian sub titles, happy days 😀.

The  cost of two mobile numbers, landline (well satellite phone to be accurate) with 60 hours free calls within Europe, satellite TV and unlimited super speed internet, 88leva (approximately £34)!!

Our excitement soon died, when we realised just how slow the Internet was.  For weeks I could be heard muttering slooooow internet is better than no internet, slow internet is better than no internet.  But the novelty was wearing of quickly, I couldn’t view any videos on YouTube or FB and it took an age to upload photos.  The following month when we went to pay the bill, we complained.  The guy in the shop checked the coverage for the village and said it was 2g and to check what the dongle was set to.  We went home and checked, the dongle was set at 3G, we changed it  and low and behold we had quicker internet.  For the first time in weeks, I was able to view videos and photos that friends were posting on FB 🤗.   Unfortunately, it didn’t last long and the next day it was back to going at a snails pace.image.png The next time we were in Dobrich we headed back to Vivacom and the lady serving us, apologised and said things would be better in January as they were rolling out 4G……hmmmmm?  🤔

When we went to pay the bill this week (10th Jan) and to increase our TV package to include HBO and the sports channels we were served by the same chap as in December.  He foolishly asked whether our internet was any better…..funny you should ask……No it isn’t!  He said he would make a complaint but had we tried moving the dongle nearer the window?  No we hadn’t but we had tried it on various areas of the house to no avail and we had used it in the car sitting in car park at the Park Izida Hotel.  How was it then? he asked.  Brilliant, super fast but I can’t be driving to the park to write my blog!  That thought amused him endlessly 😂.  Have I mentioned the Bulgarians have a wicked sense of humour?

When we got home Ed tried moving the dongle to the top of a unit next to the window and et voila!  We had super fast internet!!  Only trouble with that is the battery on the dongle doesn’t last very long and there was no way of charging it up there 😠.  We moved it across the room to the top of the bookcases and as luck would have it, we still had a good connection, yay.  👏🏻👍

Not sure if the chap complained or whether being up higher and away from the television is the reason for the sudden increase in speed, I’m just happy to finally have internet that works fast enough to Skype and to save the drafts of my blogs, which I haven’t been able to do for weeks.  Long may it last 😊




4 thoughts on “November 18 2015 – We have internet!

  1. Jacqueline Valentine

    Well, I wish we had of thought of that when we were there. Glad the connection is better and hope it continues to improve going forward.


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